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Drawing his influences from various styles of music, the talented French Benjamin Charriere also known as “Losless” masters the creation of emotions through synthesizers.

As a duo with Etienne Laurent for several years, Benjamin is following his journey alone and uses the power of electronic music to express his own style where a melancholycal and sensitive aesthetic is invited.

Mingling Melodic Techno with Electronica, Losless likes to venture into new musical colors, experimenting living sounds while breaking the constraints imposed by digital music where quantification and perfection are the main keywords

Exploring the brutality of Techno music through different EP’s, he gradually oriented himself towards a more minimalistic style where we figure out all the power and spontaneity of his sound that makes his signature identity.

On stage, many synthesizers are often invited during his live acts, expressing his music’ spirit through the instability of analog synthesis.

Performing on various European stages and night clubs, the Lisbon-based artist never ceases to develop in studio, ever more surprising and poetic pieces of music, optimized for a mental journey on the dancefloors.

No upcoming concerts or festivals.
  • Losless - Pete Oak cover picture

    Pete Oak - Between Two Worlds

    (2021) Blindfold

    1. Between Two Worlds (Losless Remix)

  • Losless - Second Life cover picture

    Second Life

    (2021) Oddity

    1. Away

    2. Overthrow

    3. Isometric Past

    2. Second Life

    3. Second Life (Mark Höffen Remix)

  • Losless - Dark Light cover picture

    Siamese Anthology III

    (2020) Siamese

    1. Dark Light

  • Mark Höffen - Faith EP cover picture

    Mark Höffen - Faith EP

    (2020) Atlant

    1. Hope (Losless Remix)

  • Odd Echoes 3 EP cover picture

    Odd Echoes Vol.3

    (2020) Oddity

    1. Modern Aura

  • Voyager EP cover picture


    (2020) Atlant

    1. Doxos

  • Over Me EP cover picture

    Over Me

    (2019) Atlant

    1. Over Me

    2. Scratches From Underworld

    3. Shaula

  • Persuasive Dreamer EP cover picture

    Hidden Sanctuary

    (2019) SMB Records

    1. Persuasive Dreamer

  • Chrome EP cover picture


    (2019) Steyoyoke

    1. Chrome

    2. First Purr

    3. Scars & Fireflies

    4. Beast

  • karakoy EP cover picture


    (2019) SMB Records

    1. Karaköy

    2. Gram

  • Paradox EP cover picture


    (2019) Traum Schallplatten

    1. Damaged Tape

    2. Bushi

    3. Ghel

    4. Opa13

    5. Paradox

    6. Caesium

  • Khoal EP cover picture


    (2018) Traum Schallplatten

    1. Zone 1908

    2. Khoal

    3. Opheis

    4. Sweety George

    5. ShDDr1

  • Synecku single cover picture


    (2017) Emkan Records

    1. Synecku (2012 Mix)

  • Largo EP cover picture


    (2017) Emkan Records

    1. Papagayo

    2. Largo